Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Home-made Almond Milk

Who else loves Almond Milk? Anyone, anyone? Felt adventurous today-decided to make it. And you should too! If you enjoy adventure, almonds and dates that is.

The recipe called for dates, but I had figs lying around and no dates so I used 'em. I was worried about the small little seeds escaping the net and plunging into the milk, but I used a dishtowel instead of a cheese-cloth to prevent anything escaping. Worked out well.

I am just so tired of buying items that I can easily make. There is a taste difference,because you are only using 4 ingredients. I have already grown accustomed to it and I'm lovin' it!

Recipe link to follow...

cover and soak dates and almonds for 8 hrs
drain only almond water
place dates and juice, almonds pinch of salt and 4 C. water in blender
Blend- I did it in 3 batches

Use a nut bag or dishtowel to drain mixture
Whats leftover
Finished product!

You can find the exact recipe over at...

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